tirsdag den 22. maj 2012


I, the youghurt-eating-blogger, is, as the title suggests, feeling melancholic today. I woke up with something that reminded me of a mild fever and an allergic reactions mixed together - not a very good cocktail! Due to this "illness" or whatever it is, I could throw all my plans for today in the bin. Today was my last "real" school day in my 2. year of high school. I would've celebrated it with various friends and other random people at my school, but no, I have to get sick today of all days! I can now sit at home with a "virus cocktail" swimming around in my body - yum!

    The reason that I feel melancholic is because of the fact, that my "exams timetables" will be published at 00:00. Today will be the only day without school, without homework, without any worries and when I thought about this earlier today, a melancholic feeling spread through me (along with the viruses).

    I will (hopefully) get back on track with a more "serious" blogpost tomorrow. Until then!

4 kommentarer:

  1. Virkelig fin blog du har dig!! Følger dig nu, kig forbi min blog, og følg mig tilbage, hvis du kan lide den(:

  2. I hope you get better from your virus/allergy <:(!
    And exams.. Ouch : D <3

    http://rubierosie.blogspot.co.uk xoxo