søndag den 5. august 2012


Dear Someone

Today was one of those "wondering" days. One of those days where you just cannot do anything but to wonder about everything. But today I mainly wondered about "me" and the person that I am. What is defining me as a person and how am I different from the other 7 billion people on earth? When I look at my blog and read it's content I am not seeing myself, but someone else - whether that person is more happy, smart or funny I wouldn't know, but I can assure you that I am definitely not seeing "myself" and the person that "I am". Of course it's about my life and the things that I like, but I still find it somewhat unpersonal and cold. That might be the reason for the fact that I haven't been blogging at all this summer. I'll from now on just do things in my pace and write whatever I feel like, whether it's boring or extremely entertaining. I hope someone's actually reading this and if that isn't the case I'm fine still with it. This blog is, in the end, my way of expressing my creativity and "oddness". I'm not looking for a lot of readers or popularity, but rather a place where I can just be "me", "myself" and "I" and get my mind off certain things and share whatever I come across in life with others who are interested. 

I hope you understand. 

Love, Yuan.   

lørdag den 14. juli 2012


Hello once again! Twice on one day, I'm on a roll. hah. So, I got this "Liebster" Award a looong time ago, but figured that it's better late than never, right? Thank you for tagging me Em Trava! 

What is a Liebster award?

 The Liebster Blog Award is given to upcoming bloggers who have less than 200 followers.
 The Meaning; Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome.

The Rules:
1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you plus create 11 questions for the people you've tagged to answer
3. Choose eleven people and link them in your post.
4. Go to their page and tell them.
5. Remember no tag backs!

Let's begin!

11 things about myself
1. I am quite tall. 1,78 to be precise. That fact has always baffled the people I know, since they've always imagined chinese people as tiny beings. haha. 
2. I play the piano.. (horribly) 
3. I eat - almost - all the time!
4. I'm actually quite shy, but I have a tendency of hiding it.
5. I don't like to pose in front of a camera. 
6. I think that writing about oneself is quite hard. haha.
7. I, for some reason, suck a the subject history.
8. I love beanies!
9. I love all kinds of music! From opera to heavy metal.  
10. The movie, "The Tale Of Two Sisters" confused me to no end!
11. Lately, I've been obsessed with the TV-show "Suits". It's amazing!

Now onto the questions!

1. What's your all-time favorite fashion trend?
I have always loved the "Statement Necklace" trend or rather just statement jewelry trend in general I.

2. If you could be a model, who would you like to model for?
I think I would've liked to model for Chanel.  

3. Who's your favorite designer?
Not sure. But probably Alexander Wang. 

4. Name a trend that you'd like to have a comeback.
No idea. I'm quite laid back when it comes to clothing. If I like something I wear it, trendy or not, and that is why I tend to forgot the various trends that are coming and going. 

5. Name a trend that you dislike.
Again, no idea.

6. What trend would you like to start?
Not sure (again). Maybe wearing butterfly looking butterflies as butterflies? Does that sentence even make sense? But that would definitely be awesome. At least if you're able to understand my weird-o sentence and imagine it!

7. Do you like make-up? If yes, what are your favorite products?
Well, you could say that I like it. My favourite product would probably be lipsticks. They're so versatile! 

8. Bags or shoes addict?
I'd say I'm more of a bag addict.

9. Nail art or one-color nails?
Both? But if I have to paint my nails myself I'd prefer one-colour nails. hah.

10. What fashion capital would you like to visit?
London. I loved that place! But maybe also, Hong Kong (even though it's not a "real" fashion capital).

11. Labels or love?
I'd definitely say love. (aw, so cute. lol.) 

Now it's my turn to question! 

1. What do you think is your biggest "imperfection"? 
2. And now (opposite to the first question), what do you find most "attractive" about yourself?
3. Would you rather wear uncomfortable, but extremely stylish shoes or wear comfortable shoes that were old and worn out very "un-stylish"? 
4. Do you prefer colorful or more muted coloured clothing?
5. What is your favourite book? 
6.   What is your favourite trend? 
7. If you could be anyone (anything) on this planet, who or what would you be? 
8. Bows or ties? (Random question I know!)
9. Would you rather buy one expensive item (quality) or buy many inexpensive items (quantity)?
10. Do accessories really make the outfit? 
11. What is one thing you would not be able to live without? 

Since I don't know who to tag, I decided to bend the rules a bit. I decided to tag all of YOU. Yes, you heard (read) right, all of you! Everyone who is reading this blogpost is automatically tagged by me, but of course, only if you want to be tagged ;-) If you decide to do this tag, then feel free to write a comment on this post with your blog link, so that I can read your lovely answers! 

Have a wonderful evening. I hope this blogpost wasn't too long! 


Here we are again. Two weeks have passed by and I have not blogged even once in this time period. Shame on me!  But enough of that, let's see if I'll be able to blog properly from now on. Any specific things you guys would like to read/see? 

    The following pictures are ones that I've taken randomly throughout July. 

The danish weather has been horrible (at least if you think of the fact that it's summer). It's been extremely cloudy and rainy, but I still got a picture of a (semi) clear sky. 

A couple of days ago I got to see the work of Max Walter Svanberg. He was a Swedish Surrealist.I absolutely love his imaginativeness!

More berries! Yum. 

And at last, a crazy picture of me Instagram-style!. 

Have a fabulous day everybody! 

onsdag den 27. juni 2012


Hello beautiful human beings!
I'm back with an update on.. well, my life? The whole month of June has been oh, so hectic! I've been revising and I've taken various oral and written exams. I turned 18 two days ago, I've begun my driver's lessons, and my summer vacation is now finally here! I'll be updating more often and the posts will definitely be much more interesting (at least I hope so). Do you guys have anything specific things you'd like to see or read? I'll be receiving your ideas with open arms!

    I'll get back to you tomorrow, but stay warm! And until some time tomorrow you can entertain yourselves with this amazing song!


Hej i smukke, rare mennesker derude! 
Jeg er tilbage med et update. Hele juni måned har bare være så hektisk! Og det er netop derfor, at jeg ikke rigtig har skrevet nogle indlæg (det må jeg altså blive bedre til!). Jeg har haft læst op til de forskellige prøver og eksaminer og desuden fyldte jeg 18 i mandags. For at gøre det hele lidt mere stressende, så startede jeg også lige på mine køretimer. Men nu er sommerferien her endelig og jeg har endelig tid, til at skrive mange flere indlæg! Hvis i har nogle forslag eller forskellige idéer til nogle indlæg, eller bare noget i gerne vil se/læse så skriv endelig til! 

    Jeg skriver igen i morgen, men forbliv nu varme inden dag, for det danske vejr stinker da lidt, hva'? Indtil i morgen, kan i så lige underholde jer med denne sang.

tirsdag den 12. juni 2012

Of Monsters and Men

Hello beautiful people out there! I'm back with a lovely song from a band that I'm obsessed with lately; "Of Monsters and Men"! I love their voices! Today is just a day filled with relaxation. I didn't really have anything on the agenda (except for the oral test this morning).

    Which bands/songs have you been obsessed with lately? Have a magical day!


Hej rare mennesker ude i verden! Jeg er tilbage med en utrolig dejlig sang fra et band, som jeg bare konstant lytter til her for tiden: "Of Monsters and Men". Jeg elsker simpelthen bare deres stemmer! Dagen i dag er dog kun fyldt med afslappethed. Jeg havde ikke planlagt noget (bortset fra en mundtlig prøve i morges). 

    Hvilke bands/sange har du lyttet meget til her for tiden? Ha' nu en fantastisk dag!

fredag den 8. juni 2012


You guys might not know, but it's my birthday in about 2 weeks - and I feel sooo old! My oral history test is, unfortunately, the day after, which means I won't be able to properly enjoy my birthday (sadness). Oh, well. What you see in the picture is a couple of my birthday wishes. I have a couple more - 3 books, actually - but they were too square-y and didn't really fit in with the rest of the items. heh.

     Have a nice non-rainy day. I'll now enjoy the fact that I don't need to look at equations, chi-squared tests or charts for 2 months (why, oh why, did I choose mathematics on a high-level?!). Do you guys have any wishes? A certain bag, designers shoes or maybe world peace?


I ved det måske ikke, men det er faktisk min fødselsdag om ca. 2 uger. Desværre, så har jeg en historie-årsprøve dagen efter, så det eneste jeg kommer til at gøre på fødselsdag, er nok at læse om 1. verdenskrig og renæssancen. Men tilbage til emnet; det i kan se på billedet er alle mine ønsker (eller rettere: fantasi-ønsker, da nogle af tingene er relativt dyre). Jeg har faktisk 3 ønsker mere - bøger - men de så lidt for firkantede ud..

    Jeg håber i har haft en dejlig dag - uden årsprøver og regn (selvom det styrter ned lige i øjeblikket). Jeg vil fejre dét faktum, at jeg ikke skal se på ligninger, Chi-i-anden test eller grafer i de næste to måneder (jeg fortryder at jeg har valgt matematik på A, haha). Har i mennesker derude, selv nogle ønsker? 

torsdag den 7. juni 2012


I had actually decided on doing an OOTD, but today is just one of those I-hate-all-my-clothing-days. I feel uncreative and plain. I then decided to switch the outfit post to a "new in" post. 

    The two delicate lace "pieces" that you're able to see in the picture are my new "BFFs" (lol). I love how they're so "plain" but still sofisticated and they're even comfortable!
    Have a nice day - without math unlike me (sadness) - but filled with iced coffee with condensed milk, yummy!


Hej kære mennesker. Jeg havde faktisk tænkt mig, at lave et "outfit" indlæg, men idag er bare et af de dage, hvor intet klæder mig. Denne her dag kommer bare til at være fyldt med matematik (årsprøve i morgen) og iskaffe (med kondenseret mælk, mums!) 

    De to blondebluser i ser på billedet er to nye fund, som jeg absolut elsker. Jeg elsker hvordan de faktisk er ret skødesløst elegante - hvis det giver mening? 

    Jeg håber i får/har haft en fantastisk dag uden matematik! 

onsdag den 6. juni 2012


Hello fellow humans! Long (LONG!) time no see. I've been having exams and various tests and time is just passing by so quickly - it's absolutely unbelievable. I gave myself a short break from all the revising today and stumbled upon Zara's lookbook for June! The pictures that just see above are my favourites from the whole bunch - I especially love the necklaces they are wearing - gorgeous!

    I hope you're surviving this stressful period - I know that I'm barely alive and I still have 4 tests to come!

    Have a wonderful day, though! Have you stumbled across some interesting lookbooks for June?


Hej kære 'medmennesker'! Det er virkelig, virkelig lang tid siden jeg skrev sidst og jeg har utroligt dårlig samvittighed, men årsprøverne og eksamerne tager alt min tid. Jeg gav dog mig selv en pause fra læsningen i dag og fandt frem til Zaras Lookbook for juni! Og ih, hvor er det dog nogle skønne outfits. Jeg elsker især halskæderne!

    Jeg håber, at i overlever denne stressfulde periode - jeg ved, at jeg er ved at falde om og jeg har endda stadig 4 årsprøver tilbage..

    I må have en fantastisk dag (solen er endda fremme en gang i mellem)! Har i forresten fået set nogle interessante lookbooks for juni? 

tirsdag den 22. maj 2012


I, the youghurt-eating-blogger, is, as the title suggests, feeling melancholic today. I woke up with something that reminded me of a mild fever and an allergic reactions mixed together - not a very good cocktail! Due to this "illness" or whatever it is, I could throw all my plans for today in the bin. Today was my last "real" school day in my 2. year of high school. I would've celebrated it with various friends and other random people at my school, but no, I have to get sick today of all days! I can now sit at home with a "virus cocktail" swimming around in my body - yum!

    The reason that I feel melancholic is because of the fact, that my "exams timetables" will be published at 00:00. Today will be the only day without school, without homework, without any worries and when I thought about this earlier today, a melancholic feeling spread through me (along with the viruses).

    I will (hopefully) get back on track with a more "serious" blogpost tomorrow. Until then!

mandag den 21. maj 2012


Hello dear people out there! My internet is finally working properly and now the blogging can once again begin.

    have been dying to show you this necklace! I absolutely love it - it's a new piece in my "statement necklace"-collection. It's so cute and pink, which isn't something that I usually go for, but it looked so delicate! For those who want to know, this is my second H&M statement necklace. The other one is the turquoise necklace that I wore in my last outfit of the day.

    Have a fantastic sunny day!


Hej kære mennesker! Mit internet virker endelig og jeg kan nu indsætte indlæg igen.

    I denne lange periode, har jeg virkelig haft lyst til, at vise jer denne halskæde! Det er et af mine nye fund og er nu en del af min "statement-necklace"-kollektion" Den er ret anderledes, da den er lidt mere delikat og sød i det. Halskæden er fra H&M og kan vist stadig købes på strøget. 

    Jeg håber i nød den dejlige, solrige dag! Jeg var i Frederiksberg Have sammen med en masse andre hoveder og hyggede mig skam gevaldigt!

tirsdag den 8. maj 2012


This blogpost will contain a danish poem. I'm sorry, that some (maybe most of you) won't be able to understand it.  But it's so damn (yeah, I'm cursing again) beautiful and original.

    When I started this blog I didn't want to focus on fashion or make-up. I want this blog to be about.. well, everything and with everything I mean life in general. And that is exactly what this poem is about; LIFE.

Knuser uret

med mine tanker
― jeg lever kun
med livets hastighed

Skifter hurtigt
til ny forklædning
― jeg behøver forandringer
med livets hastighed

Danner kontrast
behøver ingen camouflage
― død og træt af
ikke at være mig selv

Skifter farve
anarkistisk kamæleon
― kaster masken
ændrer leveform

Mit sind
gror ud af mit hoved
― skiftede sind
efter at have været død

det lader til at jeg ved nu
― at jeg ikke har
et uforgængeligt selv

Hvem ved
ved hvad ens selv er lig?
― jeg er ligeglad
skaber selv mit selv

Skifter fart
jeg har brug for fartskift
― jeg ændrer mit liv
før det ændrer mig

    I'll stop the "oddness" for now, but then again.. I might just post an english poem some day.. I feel so off topic. hah. Even though some of you did not understand the poem, I'd still like to hear your opinion on poems. Do you like them? Love them? 

    I promise that I'll post something more "normal" next time, but my assignments for school are seriously drowning me! 

lørdag den 5. maj 2012


Sorry about the lightning! I took the pictures at 1 am, when I got home. 

Hello fellow human beings! The outfit you see in the picture is from yesterday. I had dinner with a couple of friends at the restaurant/café, Dalle Valle and afterwards we went to the cinema and watched "The Avengers". I'd definitely recommend the movie, if you're into the whole epic-superhero-movie-thing.  I, myself, rather liked the movie. It's actually pretty good! Have you seen the movie? 

    The outfit I have on, is actually just a mix of different things from other outfits, that I've had on and blogged about. I love mixing and matching! 

    Have an amazing day filled with laughter! 


Hej rare mennesker derude! Outfittet som i kan se på billedet er fra igår. Jeg var ude og spise sammen med nogle veninder på Dalle Valle (hvis i kender stedet) og derefter var vi i biografen og så "The Avengers". Jeg kan helt klart anbefale filmen til dem, som elsker actionfyldte film! Har i set filmen? 

    Outfittet som jeg har på, er faktisk bare et mix af ting jeg allerede har haft på i ældre outfit-indlæg. Den turkise og hvide farve er bare så sommer-agtig!

    Jeg håber i får en skøn dag, med en masse latter (og uden lektier!)

torsdag den 3. maj 2012


Hello you guys! Another week has gone by, without ANY blogposts and I'm really, really sorry about that! These weeks have been so hectic and when I get home from school the only thing I do, is making my homework  for the next day or write som random assignment. I'll try to blog more often, but the next two months until my summer vacation will probably be filled with revising school related "stuff" and writing more papers!

    Todays print is the peacock print on my silk trousers that I always have on in the summertime, when the weather is right. The material is so flowy and light and I just love having these trousers on at home while relaxing.

    Have a nice day everyone!


Hej mennesker! Endnu en uge er gået UDEN nogle indlæg. De her uger har virkelig været hektiske og selvfølgelig skal jeg starte en blog, nu hvor eksamensperioden er i syne! Jeg vil dog i fremtiden prøve at blogge bare lidt mere, men indtil sommerferien har jeg indset, at det nok ikke kan blive hver eneste dag. 

    Det print jeg "har på" i dag er dette påfugle print på mine bukser. Jeg elsker at have mine silkebukser på om sommeren, når vejret er varmt! 

    Jeg håber i har haft en fantastisk dag! 

torsdag den 26. april 2012


Since I bought MAC's paint pot in "Quite Natural", I haven't been able to let it go. I use this product every single day, whether it's for my brows or if I'm just using it on my eyelid. It's more like a necessity now! Even though the colour is matte and rather dull and boring, it's still so usable! The paint pot is so versatile and it's so easy to just "pop" on.

    Do you have some kind of daily essential for you everyday make-up or such? Have a wonderful day everybody!


Siden jeg købte MACs paint pot i "Quite Natural", har jeg ikke været i stand til, at lade være med at benytte mig af den. Jeg bruger denne lille "skat" hver eneste dag, om det så er til mine øjenbryn eller om jeg bruger den som en øjenskygge. Farven er faktisk ret kedelig og mat, men den er bare så nem at "smøre" i hovedet og så er man bare klar kæmpe sig igennem endnu en dag.

    Har i et eller andet make-up produkt, som i bare ikke kan leve (overdrivelse fremmer forståelse) uden? Jeg håber i har haft en fantastisk dag alle sammen! 

onsdag den 25. april 2012


It has been exactly one week since I last did a blogpost - and I'm so sorry! For a while I tried to blog every single day, but the past week has been filled with different school assignments and they certainly were not writing themselves. I'll try to make it up to you. I have prom in a couple of days, and that is the perfect opportunity for a prom-outfit post. Anything else you would be interested to see, like my make-up or hair for that "special" occasion?

   In this post I'll be showing off my fluffy, red jumper and it's perfect for the rainy weather in Denmark. It's not anything special and actually rather casual, but this is something I wear when I'm just going to school. 


Det er præcis en uge siden jeg sidst har skrevet et indlæg og det er jeg virkelig ked af! Jeg har været flittig med at skrive næsten hver dag, men hele den sidste uge var fyldt med forskellige afleveringer, der bare (af en eller anden mystisk grund) ikke skrev sig selv - øv. Der er galla på min skole i næste uge, og det er jo den perfekte mulighed til et galla-kjole indlæg. Er der ellers andet i måske gerne ville se? Så som min make-up til galla eller måske hvordan jeg sætter håret? 

    Dog vil jeg i dette indlæg vise jeg mine rare, bløde trøje, som nu en gang er perfekt til Danmark regnvejr! Outfittet er egentlig ret så kedelit, men det er skam sådan noget jeg tager på til hverdag. 

    What do you wear on a daily basis? Something glamorous or a jumper just like me? I'll try to write at least once a day from now on! Have a wonderful day! 

    P.S I know that the quality is bad, but please bear with it until I've gotten my hands on a better camera.  

    Hvad har i på til daglig? Noget kjole-værk eller bare en almindelig trøje? Jeg vil forresten fra nu af prøve, at blogge hver eneste dag. Hav nu en fantastik dag!

onsdag den 18. april 2012


I've been wondering as to how I can make this blog a little more personal - not just about fashion and food (extremely, delicious food!) And that is how I came up with "wondering wednesdays", where you guys will be able to peak into my train of thoughts, hah. Today I got inspiration from my danish class. We watched an interview from the 80's of four Danish poets and their point of view on poems. It was actually quite interesting. But that is not the point. My classmate and I began to talk about timemachines and which period of time we'd go back to if we had one. Haha. Guess which one we chose.


    Jeg har tænkt over hvordan jeg kunne "personliggøre" bloggen lidt, så det ikke kun handler om tøj og mad. Og det var sådan jeg kom op med "wondering wednesdays", hvor i kan få et glimt ind til mine lidt halvskøre tanker. Jeg fik inspiration fra min dansktime, hvor vi så et interview fra 80'erne af 4 danske poeter. Min klassekammerat og jeg kom så ind på emnet: tidsmaskiner og hvilken tid vi ville tage tilbage tid. Kan i gætte hvilken tid det er? 

All the pictures are from Google

I'll excuse the "random" posts lately, but my spring break is over and the papers that I need to do are piling up. But I still hope you enjoyed this weird-ish post. And tell me, which period of time would you go back to if you had a timemachine?


Jeg undskylder de lidt underlige indlæg her for tiden, men afleveringer presser sig på, nu hvor jeg ikke har ferie mere. Jeg håber dog stadig at i kunne lide indlægget, haha. Hvilken tid ville i så tage tilbage til, hvis i havde en tidsmaskine? 

tirsdag den 17. april 2012


Lately I've been obsessed with different prints and patterns. Today, for instance, I wore my horse-print shirt and last week was filled with flower-print shirts. Next week will probably be filled with leopard-print, who knows? Shirts, or pants for that matter, with some kind of print og pattern on them can make a whole outfit look so much more fun and "well thought out".

    Any prints and patterns you've been liking at the moment?


Her for tiden har jeg virkelig elsket forskellige print og mønstre. I dag havde jeg for eksempel et skjorte på med heste print og sidste uge var fyldt med blomster print. Hvem ved, måske bliver næste uge fyldt med leopard print? Jeg synes at et outfit hvor der er et eller andet specielt print eller mønster på, kan virke så friskt og utrolig gennemtænkt. 

    Er der her for tiden et eller andet mønster eller print som i elsker? 

mandag den 16. april 2012


I don't know if you've noticed it, but in every outfit I post I wear the same bracelets. I am one of those people who are extremely lazy and that is why I always have these bracelets on - I never take them off! The bracelets aren't anything special and two of them are actually just hair elastics, hah.

    Do you have some kind of jewelry you never take off? I hope you had a nice monday!


Hej alle! Jeg ved ikke om i har lagt mærke til det, men de armbånd, som jeg har på i hvert outfit jeg "poster" er de samme. Jeg er en af de der utroligt dovne mennesker og derfor har jeg altid armbåndene på, da jeg aldrig tager dem af! Derfor syntes jeg lige, at jeg ville dele dem med jer. Armbåndene er intet specielt og de to sorte på billedet er faktisk hårelastikker. hah. 

    Har i et eller andet smykke i aldrig tager af? Jeg håber i har haft en rar mandag!

søndag den 15. april 2012


    I know, I know. It's another post about food, but this one is a bit special. There's actually been over a thousand views on my blog, which might sound insignificant to some, but it's quite "something" for me. I mean, even though 2/3 of the views might be from myself - since I continuosly refresh my own blog, haha - then it's still "something". I wish I could share a cupcake with you all! Thank you, people out there!

    I'll now begin to do my homework and enjoy the last day of my spring break and of course, dance around the house like a madman (cough, woman).


    Jeg ved det. Det er endnu et indlæg om mad, men denne gang er det nu lidt specielt. Der har faktisk været over et tusinde sidevisninger på min blog. Det kan godt være at det lyder som et relativt lavt tal, men det er nu stadig ret så stort for mig. Jeg har dog en teori om, at 2/3 af sidevisningerne er mig selv der opdaterer bloggen, men altså.. Jeg ville ønske at jeg kunne give jer alle en cupcake som tak!

    Her er en lille søndagssang, som jeg vil danse rundt til herhjemme, haha. 

lørdag den 14. april 2012


Oh, nomnomnom. What you see in the picture was my lunch yesterday. I wanted to share it with, because of the "nomness", but I didn't want to overflow this blog with posts, so I waited until today.

    The food might not look the best or the most delicious, but damn (I know, I'm cursing, sorry) did it taste good. It was actually my mom who made me eat the rye bread (yeah, Denmark and it's rye bread), because it was about to expire. hah. Since I didn't want things to get boring I put the bread in a toaster a couple of minutes and after that I smeared som wasabi-avocado cream on it and finished everything off with some salmon, more avocado and some soya  (one word: umami!). Yummy! The second rye bread I "topped" with meat instead of salmon and that worked out fine as well. Yay!
    Anything in particular you guys like to eat? Some favourite dishes etc? I'd like to know, because I'm a curious little child. haha.

    Until next time!


Nammenammenam! Det som i kan se på billedet er gårsdagens frokost, som jeg lige ville dele med jer (dog ikke bogstavelig talt). 

    Maden ser ikke helt så lækker ud, men nøj, hvor smagte det godt. Vores rugbrød var ved at blive for gammelt, så jeg blev tvunget af en vis person (hej mor) til at spise det. For at gør tingene lidt mere spændende, ristede jeg brødet og bagefter smurte jeg noget wasabi-avocado creme oven på. For at gøre det ekstra lækkert benyttede jeg noget laks og noget mere avocado som pålæg og sluttede så det hele af med noget soya (yay, umami!) 

    Har i nogle yndlingsretter eller små hemmelige opskrifter så skriv endelig. Jeg er utrolig nysgerrig. 

    Hav nu en fantastisk dag alle sammen!

fredag den 13. april 2012


Hey you guys! I am greeting you with a picture of me doing a .. duckface. haha. Have you heard the song, "duckface"? I was in the mood for blue today, and that is how I created this outfit. What do you think? Oh, and by the way, I've also been obsessed with round sunglasses for the past year now and I finally found this pair! I love them. It looks like I'm constantly surprised! 

    Now onto some more "serious" pictures.

Hej alle sammen! Jeg starter ud med at vise jer et billede af mig med et "duckface" - hør lige sangen på youtube. hah. I dag var jeg i et "blåt" humør og på den måde kom jeg frem til dette outfit. Hvad synes i? Forresten har jeg også været vild med runde solbriller i et år nu og har endelig her til foråret fundet dette par. Jeg elsker dem. Jeg synes selv at jeg konstant ser overrasket ud. 

    Flapping my duckwings. haha. I'm on a roll today.

    I hope you have an awesome day, with .. cake, candy and lots of love. Until next time!

    P.s: It's friday the 13th!!

    Jeg håber at i får en fantastisk dag med masser af.. kage, slik og kærlighed. Indtil næste gang!

torsdag den 12. april 2012


I don't know if you guys remember, but a couple of days ago I posted a picture of my orange lipstick. I thought that I'd do a follow-up with all my lipsticks. It's true that I have been obsessed with orange lately, but my obsession with lipstick has been going on for years now! I love how the different colours can tie an outfit together and make it look much more "personal". 

    In the first picture you see all my lipsticks lined up (I think I have too many, gah!). If you read on, I have pictures of some of my favourite lipsticks!


Jeg ved ikke om i kan huske det indlæg jeg lavede for et par dage siden om den orange læbestift. Jeg tænkte, at jeg ville lave en "follow-up", dog bare med ALLE mine læbestifter. Det er rigtigt at jeg elsker orange her for tiden, men jeg har virkelig været "obsessed" med læbestift i det hele taget i mange år nu. Jeg elsker virkelig hvordan de forskellige farver kan personliggøre et helt outfit. 

    På det første billeder ser i alle mine læbestifter (og ja, jeg ved at det er utrolig mange - synes jeg i hvert fald selv..). Hvis i læser videre, er der billeder af mine favorit læbestifter. 

    I've never really been into "cute stuff". It might have something to do with my height, whatever I do I'm still not really able to look all cute and adorable. But this berry-pink colour is just too cute and I couldn't not buy it. hah. It's the perfect amount of "pinkness and cuteness"!


    Jeg har aldrig været helt vild med "søde ting". Med min højde kan det ikke rigtig lade sig gøre. Denne læbestift er dog en undtagelse, jeg elsker den "bær-pinke" farve. 

    By the way, I'm not naked! I just wanted the lipsticks to get all the attention without any necklace etc. to get in the way.

    Have you guys been obsessed with something lately? Like some kind of book, movie, fashion item, colour etc. if so, then tell me, I'm curious! Have a nice day everybody!

    Jeg ville bare lige pointere at jeg ikke er nøgen! Jeg ville bare have farverne til at få alt opmærksomheden.

    Har i været opsat med noget her for tiden? En farve, en bog, en taske osv. hvis i har, så er i velkomne til at skrive det. Jeg er utroligt nysgerrig! Og god dag til jer alle!